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12-Minute Speakers

Each week our group has a "12-Minutes of Fame" time, during which one member shares about their business, in depth. This gives the member an opportunity to showcase their business and allows other members to learn more about referring others to the spotlighted member. 

Our Next 12-Minutes of Fame Speaker will be

 Jason Pon | Feel Rejuvenated, Inc.

Being one of two that offer this therapy in the United States, Jason is a Biomechanical Stimulation (BMS) specialist who has learned, and studied BMS with hands on training. In his 6 years in business, he has helped numerous athletes reach their goals by applying the methods and formulas he has learned.

Biomechanical stimulation therapy is a non-invasive, mechanotherapy treatment that improves the mobility of joints, enhances skeletal muscle repair, promotes injured muscle regeneration within the musculoskeletal (MSK) system. It targets the area which surrounds the cell and is responsible for both the nutritional supply and waste disposal to and from the cell. The aim of Biomechanical stimulation treatment is to restore the healthy and vital muscles, fascia and tendons in the affected tissues.

For athletes being flexible is critical for their sport. Which is why this therapy was designed for Olympic athletes. Its main goal is to enhance athletic performance, flexibility, and range of motion. Once you try this therapy for the first time, you will see immediate results and the benefits of its use.

For those seeking to reduce their muscle tension, pain, and enhance their flexibility who are no longer athletes, or is a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, young adult, this therapy can work for you too!

If you suffer from these common issues this therapy is for you: lack of flexibility, tight hip flexors and Psoas, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, foot pain, IT band, ankle sprains, and hip pain.

This therapy delivers immediate results, leaving to your body feeling light as a feather, and will achieve a new flexibility end range.

Upcoming 12-Minutes of Fame Speakers:
  • February 2: Jason Pon, Feel Rejuvenated, Inc.
  • February 9: Garrett Waldrop, National Garage Doors
  • February 16: Eric Bethea, Champion Home Inspection Services
  • February 26: Cindi Dowdle, Atlanta AdGraphics
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